Ftp connection to ftpupload.net :21 failed

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I’m getting similar issues.

I’ve tried connecting to the ftp server in various ways but have not had any success so far. I’ve tried connecting to ftpupload.net, ftp.epizy.com, &, by using port 21. I’ve tried connecting through FileZilla, the ftp functionality in the Chrome internet browser, the ftp functionality in the Internet Explorer browser, & InfinityFree’s Online File Manager software (the Monsta one and the other one).

I’ve tried pinging the hosts and so far, from my computer, I’m not able to ping the hosts.

Because I thought that my ISP and / or locally-installed firewalls might be blocking the hosts, I tried a few online FTP tools in which it seems the ftp’ing takes place from the place of the websites of the online tools. I thought this would bypass any firewall issues related to my ISP or local computer set-up. The article at ‘www.raymond.cc/blog/how-to-bypass-firewall-router-proxy-to-ftp/’ seems to back-up my belief about this. None of these online FTP tools worked either. I also tried similar online ping tools to try to ping the hosts - none of the pings worked.

The error message returned by FileZilla, when trying to connect to the hosts, is: Status: Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server".

I think that this error message probably means that I was able to communicate with the server but that the server was refusing the connection. I created my InfinityFree account only an hour or so ago. I don’t know whether this has anything to do with it. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can ftp?

Any help anyone can provide on these issues would be most helpful.



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Heya pal!
So to be short, I guess you’re already up to, what’s happening in InfinityFree.
If not, let me clarify some things for ya:

  • It would be really rare if your ISP blocked InfinityFree;
  • Indeed you can have a cooldown in FTP connection, if you’re spamming for example connections to the FTP Server in this case ftpupload.net, but the time you need to wait, shouldn’t be more than seconds.
    (Doesn’t happen with all FTP Tools out there, Filezilla does have this cooldown. But you can disable it.)
  • InfinityFree didn’t clarify an ETA neither I think they will ever soon, since the problem isn’t really from them and more of iFastNet.

But ye hope it helped you any how, and wish ya best of luck,

I am having the same problems too

I am having the same problem

Estoy teniendo problemas similares.

He intentado conectarme al servidor ftp de varias maneras, pero hasta ahora no he tenido éxito. He intentado conectarme a ftpupload.net , ftp.epizy.com y, utilizando el puerto 21. He intentado conectarme a través de FileZilla, la funcionalidad ftp en el navegador de Internet Chrome, la funcionalidad ftp en el El navegador Internet Explorer y el software Online File Manager de InfinityFree (el de Monsta y el otro).

He intentado hacer ping a los hosts y hasta ahora, desde mi computadora, no puedo hacer ping a los hosts.

Debido a que pensé que mi ISP y / o los firewalls instalados localmente podrían estar bloqueando los hosts, probé algunas herramientas de FTP en línea en las que parece que el ftp’ing tiene lugar desde los sitios web de las herramientas en línea. Pensé que esto evitaría cualquier problema de firewall relacionado con mi ISP o la configuración de la computadora local. El artículo en ‘www.raymond.cc/blog/how-to-bypass-firewall-router-proxy-to-ftp/’ parece respaldar mi creencia sobre esto. Ninguna de estas herramientas de FTP en línea funcionó bien. También probé herramientas de ping en línea similares para tratar de hacer ping a los hosts, ninguno de los pings funcionó.

El mensaje de error devuelto por FileZilla, cuando intenta conectarse a los hosts, es: Status: Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server".

Creo que este mensaje de error probablemente significa que pude comunicarme con el servidor pero que el servidor rechazaba la conexión. Creé mi cuenta InfinityFree hace solo una hora. No sé si esto tiene algo que ver con eso. ¿Tengo que esperar un cierto tiempo antes de poder ftp?

Cualquier ayuda que alguien pueda proporcionar sobre estos temas sería de gran ayuda.



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