FTP File Directory Deletion Bug

Username - epiz_28038903

Error Message -

Response: 550 Can’t remove directory: Permission denied

Other Information

When I try to delete the directory of a domain is no longer tied to the account, it said that permission is denied even though I already removed the domain from the account and have waited over 72 hours.

You cannot delete but can rename it


Due to legal reasons, those folders cannot be removed. However, you can rename them to something like “old” “unsued” or “deleted”.


i would reccomend putting a “z” in front of any name you put, so it sends it to the bottom of the file manager and you don’t have to see it if you don’t want to.


Is it possible to delete it after 60 days like if you want to delete a hosting account, you need to deactivate, then wait 60 days before it is deleted

That is only for a hosting account, not a sub-domain like the OP asked about.

That doesn’t make sense, if the hosting account is deleted, surely all of the files and directories would be deleted, so then why is it not possible to delete the subdomain directories.

I’m not entirely sure why it works this way. I don’t even know if it’s intentional.

One possible reason why this might be intentional is to prevent people from accidentally deleting their website folder and then complaining “your hosting sucks, the website only returns errors”.

Or it might be that the folder is created automatically by the panel and the permissions aren’t set correctly on it and they should be deletaeble.


I have tried changing the permissions on the directory and its subdirectories, but it says that I don’t have permission to do so.

You can change the permissions of the /htdocs directory. If you messed it up you should delete the account and create a new one.

Could you make it possible to delete the directory once that domain that the directory was for has been removed from the hosting account?

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Unfortunately that is not possible due to legal reasons. You can rename it to something like “deleted” or “unused” though.

I would recommend putting the z character in front, so it goes to the bottom

I have already done so.

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