Ftp file manager

My file manager does not open, the site stopped working out of nowhere www.julianohenriquehaas.ga, I can not enter ftp, I changed the password, I tried for filezilla and I was also unsuccessful, user name epiz_24434574 please help me

Hi !

Same issue here! . Guess is not a login / password problem. Pls check (in order to compare with mine) your main domain at you account details. Mine is hjy5ruhf.epizy.com. Also my website is at Vol7_1 server (you can check this info via Cpanel, right side column at account details )

B. Reg !

@CyberFlash, your domain has also faulty nameservers (ns3-5.epizy.com don’t exist, and will not serve the website). Please change epizy.com to byet.org in the Freenom nameservers management panel for your domain if you want to keep all the fields compiled.

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