FTP Resource Usage Question

Hi there!

I’ve been using your free hosting for some time, and I’ve learned a lot about it’s limitations. But there’s one thing I don’t get yet: if I add or delete files via FTP, does it use some limit of my free account? And if it does, which one would it be exactly?

Thank you in advance!

The process of actually upload and deleting counts towards limits. Feel free to do that as much as you want! There are no limits on FTP use.

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Oh I see, I thought I would get banned by uploading a lot of media files…thank you for the reply!

Remember that InfinityFree is meant for websites, and not photo or video storage. As long as your files are used on the webpage, you should be fine, but an excessive amount of media files may get you suspended. You can use YouTube and embed your videos on your site, or image-sharing sites and do the same thing.


The media files I’m talking about are from my WordPress blog only, so I think I’m gonna be fine. Thank you!


There are some fair usage restrictions on FTP. In a nutshell, you can only use it for website administration.

But it’s quite rare to hit those limit, only people who for example use their hosting account for automatic image uploads from an IP camera hit that limit (which is exactly what it’s supposed to do - we don’t allow such usage).

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Oh I see, I thought even manual backups would get me banned. Thanks for clarifying it to me!

Oh, no, making your own backups is not reason to be banned. In fact: everyone should make regular backups. We currently look primarily at uploads for detecting abuse, and making a backup only generates download traffic.

Using our hosting to store backups from elsewhere is not OK. But backing up your website is very smart!


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