Generate Key/CSR not working

I am trying to add SSL to my infinity free website. Following the instructions from the Knowledge Base, I have gone to the Control Panel, then SSL/TLS, and then “Generate Key/CSR”. I populate the form and press “Generate Key” and I get returned to the SSL/TLS page and the CSR (and the other two windows) are all blank.

How do I create the CSR so that I can then move to the next step and get a certificate generated by one of the many free SSL certificate generators?

You may need to compile all the fields, so you may get the Private Key and CSR to then give them to the signing authority and get the certificate that you may need to paste in the “Certificate” field and click on “Upload Certificate”.
However, Let’s Encrypt cannot support this web hosting because of a security system that also prevents Let’s Encrypt bot to access the website. So you may need to get a free trial certificate if you don’t know how to manage the nameservers.

Thank you Ergastolator1.

When using the GUI in Control Panel, the fields I am inputing are just entry windows in the GUI, so I am not sure how I would “compile” these fields.

I was going to use sslforfree instead of Let’s Encrypt, but I am open to any free ssl cert sites you can recommend. I am a bit of a novice at all this.

I am trying to demonstrate to our condo association the benefits of having a website, but having to do it “on the cheap” (free) for now before they will agree to cover the annual costs of hosting a decent website ( Right now, the biggest issue is the residents are scared of going to a website that their browser warns as “Unsecure”.

SSLForFree uses the Let’s Encrypt ACME bot to verify if the files are uploaded correctly/the records are inserted correctly. I would recommend you install Cloudflare on your domain to get free SSL, protection and optimize your website.

Thank you very, very much for the prompt and great advice. Cloudflare was a very easy way to redirect traffic to get SSL (https). Web name was redirected through Cloudflare before coming to InfinityFree overnight and everything is working fine (maybe a bit slower with the redirects) this morning. Thanks! Great advice.

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