Getting error while trying to access wp-admin on site

While trying to access my site ( the theme for some reason seems to be completely messed up, and not loading files correctly. Furthermore, when trying to access the wp-admin section of my website, I get redirected to a 3rd party site (as far as i know not affiliated with InfinityFree etc.) which was I have checked my cloudflare and everything I can to resolve the issue, but I am not able to from my end. The website was working completely fine yesterday. The owner of the site is also telling me that they’re able to see a cPanel error from (strange as InfinityFree uses ‘vPanel’) not sure what’s going on at the moment, I am not even able to download the wp-admin files from the FTP as the files just fail to get transferred. Noticed other people are having similar issues, but as far as I know, other people don’t seem to be having this specific issue.

Sorry for the long post, TL;DR-Website looks messed up and not loading theme files, going to wp-admin doesn’t work and goes to random 3rd party site, cannot download some files from FTP.

Does it looks like third-party website?

Turns out, a GDPR plugin had a security flaw, and someone was able to make an administrator user on the website and changed the site url to which broke the entire website, and stopped us from getting to wp-admin. I was able to fix the issue using phpmyadmin to change the site url back as well as deleting the rogue administrator accounts. – so no, that doesn’t look like a third-party website, as I have already fixed the issue.