Getting started with your premium hosting account

Did you just upgrade your website to premium hosting? Awesome! To make the most of your upgrade, here are some things you need to know.

You are now a customer of iFastNet

InfinityFree is a free website hosting provider, sponsored by iFastNet. InfinityFree does not provide any premium hosting services. The premium hosting services advertised on InfinityFree’s website and panels is provided by a different company, iFastNet.

So if you have any questions about the premium hosting, the status of your order or how to use it, you can ask iFastNet’s support staff. You can contact iFastNet through their own support portal at

Note that you’ll need to create a separate account for the support portal. The logins are not linked to the InfinityFree client area or iFastNet billing portal.

iFastNet can migrate your website

iFastNet’s premium hosting system is mostly separate from InfinityFree’s free hosting service. This has a couple of consequences:

  • Your InfinityFree accounts remain untouched originally. Purchasing a premium account doesn’t automatically change anything regarding your website.

  • Free hosting accounts are not upgraded in-place. You can have free and premium accounts at the same time without any issues.

  • Your websites are not automatically moved to premium hosting. You’ll have to move your website yourself or ask iFastNet to migrate it for you.

In order to enjoy the features of premium hosting, your website needs to be migrated to iFastNet’s premium servers. iFastNet can migrate your website at any time, even if the account is suspended.

To have your website migrated to premium hosting:

  1. Open an account on iFastNet’s support portal: (note that you may have to create a new account)

  2. Open a new support ticket, be sure to submit the domain name of your new account and the invoice number of your premium order.

  3. In your message, clearly state that you would like to have your website migrated from free hosting.

  4. Include the username of the free hosting account you would like to move (e.g. epiz_12345678).

  5. Submit the support ticket and wait for iFastNet to migrate your website.

Note that after the migration has completed, it can still take a few hours for your website to work again due to DNS caching.

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