GoFundMe Widget not visible


I’m having issues with the GoFundMe Widget not being visible on my website, Should be visible at the bottom of the support-us.php page.

The widget has been fine for over a week. I have recently changed all pages to php and the website to https (SSL Certificate created).
Also, I have implemented a cookies policy.

I build and maintain the site using Dreamweaver, and wen testing locally, everything works fine, but the widget is not visible on the live site.

Marking your topic as solved if it hasent been solved is not a good idea. Marking as solved displays a checkmark on the main forum page, and that means people will not reply with a solution.

Is this problem actually solved or not?

The issue has not been resolved! I attempted to add some additional information to the post which may help someone to assist me in fixing this issue. Inadvertently, the post was marked as ‘Solved’. I deleted my additional details, but the post still shows as ‘Solved’.

I think you can click the Solution button again to unmark a post. At least I just did and it removed the Solved status.

As for the question itself, the issue appears to be the switch to HTTPS. The GoFundMe widget is using HTTP, not HTTPS, so browsers block is as not secure. If you replace the http:// in the URL with https://, it should probably just work. If not, you may need to check with GoFundMe which URL to use on a HTTPS page.

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Many thanks for getting back to me on this (and for taking care of the ‘solved’ issue too!!).

The widget code from GoFundMe already has http:// URL’s, I copied the code directly from their site as directed. I presume as you indicated, this issue is on their side and not with my website directly!

Many thanks again for getting back to me.

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That’s the thing: it must have httpS:// URLs. It’s using a http:// (without the S) URL now, which is why browsers block it.

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