Google Can't Find Me

I had verified my web on google search engine but i still can’t find my web on google.
and i have NOT any information about this works and how to do it. im new at web and anything which is related to it.

Now i just wanna know How Can i see my web and anything inside it in google search results ?

Thank you.

What I’ve got from the topic “Tips for quality website design”:

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i had done both sides for my page. i had share my web address anywhere i could, im using tags and all things. maybe i should wait more.

You use httpS - and it is necessary to add this variant to GSC if you only have added HTTP there

You do not have robots.txt

Youtube? Instagram? You didn’t do any of that (and you have links for these social networks on your website)

On GSC you can track if BOT has started indexing and what he found

Well, then you have received as much information as all the “SEO experts”. Google doesn’t share how their search engine works exactly to avoid people from gaming it.

All you can do is follow the SEO best practices, sign up for webmasters tools and hope for the best.

okay !

thanks of all !


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