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im encountering a strange problem

Whenever i tried to click and access certain elements on my admin panel, i get redirected to this link


and i have also realised that certain website and admin panel elements(particularly media) dont load properly

This is affecting the ability to edit my website cause i cant succesfully edit any elements without forcefully getting redirected

im using cubecart

(I posted this with no answer from the admin but this this is where it gets more stranger, my other websites, which have been fine, are now facing the same issue and when i tried to build new websites on other free hosting platforms that use the byethost server, i get the same redirect issue, Is this Byet host trick of forcing people to pay for their premium servers and if so why the false advertising?)

For reference - this is the original discussion:

That redirect is caused by the fact that there is a parameter i=4 in your request and you do not have the correct access cookie. As I speculated in the other topic, it would either be caused by an i parameter being used by CubeCart itself or some issue with the cookies.

I’m quite sure that this is not some ploy to make you upgrade (giving people a broken free service doesn’t exactly assure that the paid service would be any good). But I can’t think of anything I could do to fix this.


The same issue, that is spontaneously wrecking havoc on 4 websites, each built using a different script and slowly but surely making all inaccessible and encountering a similar issue when i use different devices and ISPs?

im really trying to understand or sympathize here

but how does an issue evolve from one malfunctioning websites to 4 sporadically over a month and then when i check responses for people facing similar probs on the forum, no response.

the only response being, “you have to upgrade” or silence or the problem could be on my side?

and if there is no solution and this purely a “cookies” issue, why am i encountering the same issue for every host that iv utilized that sponsored by Byet Host

Judging by the fact that I don’t see any reports from other people using CubeCart or other software who have this issue, I can’t say for certain the problem is on our side.

But I know nothing of CubeCart and of your specific configuration, so I’m not sure how I can help with this.

Because these cookies are present on all sites hosted on iFastNet’s free hosting platform. It would be more surprising if other accounts on the platform didn’t have the same issue.


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