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My WordPress URL/sitemap.xml is not showing any. How to create a sitemap to this type of URL. I have to submit sitemap in Google Search Console.

You need to download only one of these plugins: Yoast SEO or XML Sitemap & Google News, then extract it on your computer, upload the extracted folder on htdocs/wp-content/plugins or yourdomain/htdocs/wp-content/plugins and enable it. If you’re using Yoast SEO, I also recommend to do the configuration wizard, and your main sitemap will be on yourdomain/sitemap_index.xml. If you will be using XML Sitemap & Google News with Yoast SEO, you must first go to Yoast SEO functionalities tab, and disable XML sitemaps for Yoast SEO! If you are instead using XML Sitemap & Google News without Yoast SEO, then it may be enabled by default and your sitemap can be browsed by inserting on your browser yourdomain/sitemap.xml.


How to extract yoast plugin on computer?

You can use the default Windows’ zip file extractor, by opening the zip file in a new tab and then moving the wordpress-seo folder on your Downloads folder, or use a program called WinRAR that permits to extract zip, rar and 7z files on your computer. To do the latter, here’s the link to download WinRAR. Select the language you want with the operating system architecture your computer has (to find it, search “Control Panel”, then go to “System & Security” and then on “System” and you can find the architecture your system has), then install it, and after integrating it with major archive types, right click on the zip file and click on “Extract Here”.


You need to download only one of these plugins: Yoast SEO , then extract it on your computer, upload the extracted folder on

How to extract Yoast SEO on computer.

Plugins /wordpress-seo already exists.

I didn’t understand the difference Yoast seo-wordpress-seo.

Off-topic, but 7-zip is way better than WinRAR, considering it’s fully free and open-source. So you won’t ever get nagged to pay money.

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I already answered here.

With a FTP client, try to remove the folder wordpress-seo from htdocs/wp-content/plugins/, and then upload the new extracted folder to the same folder as before.

wordpress-seo is the name of the plugin coded in the WordPress repository, while Yoast SEO is the human-readable one.

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I know right. I may try to use it instead, but it doesn’t have the easiest integration in the Windows File Explorer (the integration is done by creating a 7-zip dropdown that has all the options, while WinRAR has it all without extra dropdowns). So, if I’m going to use the former, after 40 days I can close the warning of free trial expired if I was going to use it without integration and I don’t have any problems. But I may keep this in mind, thanks!


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