Hacking Content

Can i post Hacking Based content on my website For Educational Pourpose. I will include a text that “The given information is only for education we and our hosting provider InfinityFree will not be responsible for any misuse of the content provided here”

You should anyways avoid doing that.But why do you want to do that?

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Is this about to teach others how to hack?

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Yeah its about to teach others

Hacking related content is strictly forbidden on our hosting. Any hacking related site found on our service will be terminated without warning.

Hacking is in most cases illegal, and we have no way to easily and reliably verify whether your hacking content is all legal and is only used for legal purposes. On the flip side, we’ve seen first hand what kind of damage hackers can cause, and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. So we stay on the safe side, and flat out ban any and all hacking content on our service.


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