Help immediately please!

So, I wanted to not use InfinityFree anymore and decided to delete my account after disconnecting the domain. I did all that, deactivated etc, and it redirected me to! I read the support page and it was because it was deactivated, but I DEACTIVATED IT ON PURPOSE! I REMOVED THE NAMESERVERS and even cancelled the domain! but it still does it. Please help! I request you, PLEASE. I need this removed ASAP. Thank you so much.

i mean. they’ll permanently removed after 60 days. so be patience :confused:

Uhh, I can’t wait 60 days! This is important, and I will face consequences if it is not done.

Why is your account suspended?

It’s not. I deactivated my own account.

To make that redirect disappear, clear your browser/computer cache.

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So? What is the problem?

Please share the URL.

Trying that now. Thanks

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It redirects me

Please share your site’s URL.

Does not work…

It’s okay. It is probably a problem of cache as I am getting a DNS probe error, which means your URL does not point to any nameservers. It has gone to clean slate.


So it works for you?

for me it gave finished_nxdomain

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Can you send a screenshot

I got this:

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Alright, good, then it’s not working just for me. Can you help me solve this please?

clear your dns cache or browser cache


It will be okay once your cache refreshes.

If you are using Chrome, try CTRL + F5