Help InfinityFree?

I think they could create an ad site so that people who don’t have money to donate can help by viewing ads!
There may also be a mining page that people use some of their performance to undermine BTC for InfinityFree

I only say so that those who can not help by donating that we can help in another way to InfinityFree, are a great service of the best that exists try to help them!

Infinityfree (Client area, forum and other pages) already Have ADS, I missclick ADS on forum sometimes.

I’d like to donate to Infinityfree cuz it is the best free host to me, But due the politics i cannot, so The clicks are great :slight_smile:
Although admin himself said how does he earn:

We earn enough using the ads on our main site and control panel to cover the costs of free hosting.

Ads’ are annoying some of people, so they use adblocker to block these.


It would be nice if that would work. Most ad brokers prohibit their publishers from paying users for viewing ads. People should view and click ads because the ads are interesting to them, not because they are being rewarded for doing so.

After all, if you had a business you would like to promote through online ads, would you want people who view your site for a split second and then leave to collect their rewards, or would you want people who are actually interested in the content?

CoinHive was really interesting as a concept. I think it could have been a great and privacy friendly alternative to ads. Too bad it got abused by bad actors and smeared by the media. But the service got shut down and the Monero rewards went down the gutter.

The best way to support InfinityFree without payment is to disable your ad blocker on our website, client area and forum, and frequently check in to the forum to help people around here. You can help other people by answering their questions, and your visits generate legitimate page views on the advertisements. You can help us with your time!


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