Help me how to get m3u8 link

how get m3u8 link help me i want to add my site
i want only m3u8 link not other code
I give my link plz see and help me

plz give me php code for get the m3u8 link

What’s the “m3u8 link”? And why are asking for support when you don’t host with us?


I am Make m3u8 link generator
so i need to get m3u8/mp4/ link get plz help

Ok, I still have no clue what you mean. The only thing I can find on google are m3u8 media players and online converters. Please tell us what this program is, and share a link to its website?

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i want this site video link m3u8 only

.m3u8 is a file extension used in video players to request the video URL and to display it.

This is for web hosting support only. We can’t help you with PHP as this is for hosting support and your not even hosted with InfinityFree to being with.

As said, we can’t help you with that. Especially since .m3u8 file generators can be used to exploit streaming sites like YouTube to download videos. If that is your purpose then it would break the ToS and you wouldn’t be allowed to host here.


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