Help with mx Record


Like @allroundernaman said, it could be a DNS caching issue. But the email system hasn’t been working well for a while now, so I can’t say for certain that it’s a domain configuration issue. Email Account, Webmail, Forwarders issues


@allroundernaman let me have patience :grin: and i hope all the records were set correclty

@Admin Yes sir got you


Hope your all of the issues is solved.


@allroundernaman Thank you so so much, Now I know all the things about it. and all things are working fine and all credits to you bro also thank you @Admin

So now i am able to receive and send from my domain email, but why does it show this like this " did not encrypt this message" further you can check the screenshot below. is it default or i have done something wrong?




aight, i got it. now for the Forwarders what i have to do? since everything is working fine and i want only one mail to receive/send and from that mail i want the all emails to forwareded on my gmail email.

now if i remove that email from “Email Account” for Forwarder than how can i will able to send anything from my domain email since i wont have any login password


Do i need to have 2 emails?

one for login. Send
two for that forward into my gmail


Yes… correct…

So for that… Before creating forwarders… You can use SMTP Plugins for WordPress. If you are a non WordPress user… than you can use any of the other SMTP Server for the same purpose


No. It is never possible


I’m sorry, but what you’re asking for is not possible. You can’t have both an email account and a forwarder for the same address, and you must have an email account in order to be able to send email. And since you don’t get POP, IMAP or SMTP access with free hosting (that’s a premium only feature), you also can’t use Gmail’s POP Import feature to get the messages to your Gmail box.


But @Admin, if you sign up for a account in mail jet or mail gun, then you can use SMTP, and then by forwarders, you can receive emails on gmail


Both will be done in Gmail only… all for free!


You’re right, that’s another option!

While receiving email is always tied to a single provider, you can use other emails providers to send email. For example, for, we use G Suite to receive email, but Sparkpost to send it.

There are specialized bulk email providers like Sparkpost, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mailjet, Pepipost and so on, which you may be able to use. However, many of these providers require SPF and DKIM records to be set before you can send email, which is not always possible with the DNS controls of our hosting.




Excuse me Guys, I didn’t get what these stuff are POP, IMAP or SMTP nor i want to be in. i guess its fine for me to “Login with Roundmail and check any mails that I’ll receive

and as you guys said that it is not possible to Use one address to Send/Receive and same address to forward mails to my gmail account.

Am i correct?


It is possible. I did it. First of all add the email address in cPanel RoundCube Webmail.

  1. Register a account on mailjet
  2. Verify your domain.
  3. Create SPF and other record as told their by Cloudflare.
  4. Now go-to Gmail - Settings - Account and Import Tab - Click Add email address.
  5. Write Email - SMTP Server, username, password.
  6. Go-to RoundCube Webmail- Login to your account - Click the verification link -Click Confirm in Gmail setup. Everything is done

Now go-to cPanel- Email Account Section - Remove the email from there.
Here is the twist
Go-to Forwarders - Add same email there, and forward it to the account where you recently added your domain email setup.



We will go through it later, but let me know about something that is very Important for me. i have contact section in my website, so its simple. i have added my my domain email as well personal email but i am not receiving through my website page, i thought maybe its error.

Today i met a friend and told him about this, he said you must have SMTP in order to receive emails from your contact


Yes, that’s a restriction of free hosting:

Your friend is correct! Although SMTP is used to send email, not receive it, but that’s a wording nit pick.

In fact, we have an article about how to send email with Gmail’s SMTP service here:


Yeah Right! Almost 97% of the questions and queries can be found in knowledge Based Support of Infinity Free! That’s a great a achievement of the best hosting company in the world


Thank you Admin for reaching me, i went step by step through this article.

1 Downloaded that Folder and uploaded.
2 I also created App pass for “Mail” i got the password but where i can find my user name, is the username is gmail?

now i am stuck at this below,

Setup your PHPMailer script

The next step is to set up a script to use PHPMailer to send email. Below you will find an example.

To use this example, create a new file in the directory above the directory which contains all the PHPMailer stuff and paste the contents below into it. You must also:

  • Set the Username and Password parameter.
  • Set the message content.