Help with mx Record


Yes, the username is your Gmail email address.


What should i do after it, its a little complicated for me to understand, i have uploaded the PHPmailer folder to the htdocs folder.


The instructions in the article aren’t very “monkey see, monkey do”, because they do assume a certain level of PHP coding experience. Building a PHP contact module into a website with little PHP experience is really hard.

If you’re using some kind of pre-existing system or CMS to build your website, you may check if it has any options to send email with SMTP.


Hi… I have and have set the MX record accordingly. I am unable to get the email forwarding to work as well. Is this a part of the global glitch or did I incorrectly setup the mx files?


If you find a topic about an issue similar to yours, that’s great. But can you please read the messages already there? I was going to send you to a knowledge base article, but that link was already shared in this topic. So please read the information here rather than just repeating the question.

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