Hey. my subdomain isnt finding the files

Hey, My subdomain: https://cookie.pythona.co.uk its just not showing the site or if i put a folder with a page on it still doesnt show up, please help.

I checked your account but the domain cookie.pythona.co.uk does not seem to be assigned to any account. Could you please add it as a subdomain?

i added it but it still isnt working

What kind of content do you have on that subdomain?
I currently see white space served by Cloudflare
Also what are the Cloudflare settings for that subdomain?

Just html comming soon site and this is my cloudflare

Please note that the IP address you’ve inserted there is not the correct one. The IP address to use for pythona.co.uk and it’s subdomains is

Oh, okay Thanks!!

i just went to the site and it said this image

(NeverMind i forgot to delete the .htaccess and the .htpassword)

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