Hi Can i host a rest API using infintyfree?

if yes , is it legal? @Admin

Please use the search function before posting.



Bro i mean i will just add a interface for adding images using php and i will fetch that data in other page as a json file

Well you didn’t give any detail in your post, so I have no clue what your try to do. Perhaps explain it better and follow the template?

I will first create a website like www.image.epizy.com
Then i will create a interface for adding images using php and mysql database

That should work, as long as you don’t break this…

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And then i will fetch the data from the website and use it for my bot

Where are you fetching the data from? Please read the above article.

“Hotlinking and embedding images and other (static) files on other websites.”
This rule ?

But I am not using to embed images and data on websites
I’m using it for my bot

Hot-linking is disabled. You cannot take files or databases hosting here and show them on a different domain or platform.

Then fetching or embedding data from infinityfree website is illegal

Its not illegal, just not possible on InfinityFree. (Although I think it is violating the TOS as well).

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@Greenreader9 , do you know if hotlinking will be allowed if we upgrade or select a paid plan?

I do not unfortunately. You can ask questions related to premium hosting at support.ifastnet.com

This security system is only present on free hosting. On premium hosting, you can create APIs which are only accessed programmatically.

@Admin unfortunately, this is false. Based on @Greenreader9 's link, we upgraded and we’re still getting blocked. We’re on our 3rd round with support and have had to explicitly ask for any/all hotlink protection to to be disabled. Please improve your user guides and specifically this article to detail when/how hotlink protection will be disabled.

This is most definitely not false.

This security system is not present on premium hosting. Period. This security system is what prevents API hosting on InfinityFree. Therefore, it should be possible on premium hosting.

I’m personally not convinced yet it isn’t an issue with your website.

Part of me is curious as to what’s going on. But I own InfinityFree, not iFastNet, so I cannot provide support for their services.

Has your account and domain been transferred to premium hosting already? Has that been at least 72 hours to allow for DNS propagation?

Please note that we do not provide the premium hosting. iFastNet does. Our documentation describes InfinityFree, it does not reflect iFastNet’s premium hosting.

If you can provide clear evidence that shows this doesn’t work, I can update the documentation. But since you have omitted your website URL and have provided no technical details as to how your website works or what issues you’re running in to, I have no way to know what’s actually going on.

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Bro, do you have a discord server?