Hi friends, i had an account it was completly deleted, can recover?

hi friends, i had an account and it was completly deleted, cant even login i think i month ago, there is any possiblility to recover it? and get a paid acoount?

Thanks in advance.

When you deactivate an account, there’s a period of time before it’s actually deleted, during which you can reactive it. If it’s been that long and it’s deleted like you say, than no. There’s no way to get it back I’m afraid.

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i didnt deactivated account, i received this email on 06/25/2019 9:04 PM but it went to spam folder


Your InfinityFree account has been deactivated .

Your account received almost no visitors in the last 30 days. Inactive accounts are automatically removed to make room for new active websites.

If you have fewer than three accounts, you can reactivate it through your client area. If you don’t reactivate the account, it will be deleted automatically in 3 days .


Ah, I see. Well if you didn’t reactive it jn that time, then I’m afraid it’s gone. Sorry.

You are a company representative or an user? had a lot of work there… if i could switch to a paid account will do.

I’m just a fellow user on InfinityFree, but I’ve been using them for a long time, and I’ve had experience with deactivating one of my hosting accounts. I might be wrong. Theey might keep it for a little while after they say it’s been deleted, but I doubt it. I’d highly recommend keeping your own backups of your site, and this is one reason why.

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