Hosting cpu limit

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: my website is suspended

it says that i need to pay the host in ifastnet but I have everything in and I have also a upgraded host

I’m using this software:

I am using Wordpress and woo commerce and I am on safari on a MacBook

Additional information:

I checked your domain and it doesn’t seem to be reachable for me. Maybe you made a typo, or the domain you typed in was not bought yet and you need to buy it?

what’s does it say when you’re search the site

don’t click on the url just open a new browser and type it then you will see it

If you already purchased an account at iFastNet, please see this article for more information about what to do next:

If you’ve already moved your website to NameSilo’s hosting and now your website is down, please contact NameSilo about this instead. This “Hosting Support” category is only for InfinityFree accounts, not arbitrary other hosting providers.


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