How can i use www. of my site too

My website URL is:

i need to use too ,i mean i want for both to work
i am using byet ns

On the CNAME settings on the Control Panel, make sure the normal domain name (without www) has as value if you have the CloudFlare cPanel integration on. If it doesn’t work then disable the CloudFlare integration, wait some time and add the domain on

i dont have that cloudflare integration

Go back, and find “CloudFlare” scrolling down on the Control Panel; select the domain you want to alter the changes and click on “Click to disable”. After that wait some time and go to If you have an account sign in; if not sign up, and add the domain from there. Select the Free plan and continue; if the records have as value an IP that is, where xxx can be replaced with the last number of the IP of the server you’re in you can continue, if not create two CNAME records, one with name @ and as value your Main Domain that can be found on the Control Panel, and another one with as name www and as value @. After that continue and change the nameservers from epizy/byet ones to CloudFlare ones, wait a minute and refresh, and go to the Crypto section; if the SSL option is automatically set to Flexible change it to “Full”. Done! Now you have Cloudflare working on both www and the root domain! is not abut cloudflare
i need the site itself

But Cloudflare adds protection to the site, and you’re responsible to the changes to the DNS! If not simply disable the cPanel integration by doing those steps:

and waiting some time for DNS propagation and your website should then be accessible without CloudFlare protection and with www and the root domain.

i dont need cloudflare for the moment
i want to show the same thing as

I said to follow the steps on the post above yours if you don’t need neither CloudFlare, nor its protection or its SSL at the moment and wait some time for DNS propagation. If you don’t want to wait for DNS propagation, install the app on your Android phone/iPhone and configure a VPN connection with it.

They both show the same content to me. What do you see on both of those URLs?

on i see some weird

on i see some 404

Do you still experience this problem? Your website seems to be working fine from here on both the www and non-www versions of your site.

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