How do I change from a custom domain back to a free allocated domain?

Hi -

I’ve got my account here which is linked to a custom .com domain.

For the time being, I’d like to change my hosting to a free domain (something like - at this stage, I’m not worried about where my .com domain points to, I just want to change my account to a free domain so I can still access it through this.

Any and all help appreciated.

Just sign up for the free subdomain will do. This will be the first step you need to take

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Where do I do that?

Inside VPanel, just beside addon domain

I’ve created a new subdomain, but this points to a new folder location, not my top-level site. so when I browse to that subdomain url, all I get is a folder explorer. Shouldn’t this load my website, the same as the main .com domain?

This is correct.

You can use ftp program like filezilla to transfer your files to this new subdomain directory.
Modification of database may also be necessary

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So I created my subdomain “

I then tried to add this as a parked domain (which sounds right to me)

When I select the subdomain from the dropdown and clicked add, I got the below message.

cannot be used as a parked domain, only custom domain will do

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If you want to add a free subdomain, please add it through the Subdomains section.

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