How do i make sure that the file that i uploaded in htdocs is working fine?


There is a php file that i uploaded in the htdocs folder. this file is for the purpose of entering data into a database. Is there any way to know that this file has been successfully uploaded to my website?

A tutorial that im following says this:
Edit (for char server[] ) to the domain you are hosting insert_mysql.php (not the full path to the file)

inser_mysql.php is the file that i have uploaded in the htdocs folder. So, what should i write here in place of the domain? My website or the link that i see when i open the htdocs folder in file manager or my ftp hostname?

There is an other line that says this:
Edit the POST url to match the path to insert_mysql.php
client.println(“POST /insert_mysql.php HTTP/1.1”);

My question is again the same. What do i write in place of post.

It would be very helpful if someone can answer these things. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You can check whether a file was uploaded by opening it in your browser. So if you uploaded the insert_mysql.php directly to your htdocs folder, you should be able to access it at http://{your domain}/insert_mysql.php.

As to what the domain is: it’s the domain you requested to make a site for when creating the account. You can also see the domains currently assigned to your account through the Addon Domains and Subdomains sections in the control panel.


thanks!! :slight_smile:

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