How do i manage my domain dns


How do i manage my domain dns when its nameservers is connected to infinityfree

anyone knows how?

Depends on your domain registrar.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t ask how to change domains nameservers but how to edit dns records while domain is added to infinity free.

Currently in Vista Panel you can only add CNAME, MX & SPF records. If you wish to fully control your domain’s dns I’d suggest to connect it to cloudflare (not from the option in panel) and then connect it to infinity free.

This might help you setting up your domain in cloudflare:

Let me know if this helped


could i ask for the steps on how to do it if you dont mind

i dont think its possible the help thing you sent here is not helpful i couldnt where i can see how to add the website

  1. Create account on cloudflare
  2. Click add domain in cloudflare
  3. Change the domain name servers to the ones marked in clpudflare
  4. Go to dns section and add 2 ns records of infinity free ( and
  5. Go to infinity free panel and add your domain

i did what you said but it is still not working i waited 24 hours to try it again and still not working

is this how i should do it? is not assigned to infintyfree. How do you expect it to work?
Pls point it to and first.

Pointing NS via Cloudflare will not work. Please go to your domain registrar (freenom for your case.) go to manage nameservers, remove the Cloudflare nameservers, enter and and wait for about 5-10 mins to propagate. While your waiting delete the domain from your Cloudflare account. Go to click on the site you want to manage, on the overview tab scroll down to the bottom and click on remove site from Cloudflare. If you want Cloudflare again, re-add it. Hope this works.

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Do not do this if you want to manage your domain dns

No actually, after assigning to the account, if you change the NS to Cloudflare it’ll not work. Cuz of the IP isn’t synced as shown in the CF screenshot above. If you want cloudflare please re add it. Otherwise it’ll not work. Forgot to mention that :blush:

Just add A/CNAME record will do. You do not want to waste time waiting for dns propagation…

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yeah thats also an option

Is faster this way…


then how will i be able to manage my dns records? if the nameserver is connected to infinityfree

Did you delete it? if then great! Go to CF and re enable it.

If you’re using our nameservers, you can manage your DNS records using the various DNS related sections in our control panel. Alternatively, you can move the domain to a different DNS provider and setup the records there.

However, your domain name must point to our nameservers to be able to add it to an account. And as far as I can tell, you didn’t do that yet.

So, first of all, you need to change the nameservers of your domain name at your domain registrar and add the domain to your hosting account. After that, you can move it back to Cloudflare’s nameservers.


sorry im a slow learner can you please list the steps in bullet form

Pls read…