How do I start with a "white paper"

So basically I want to delete all files which are from softaclous and start again from “white paper” am I allowed to do that?

What do you mean by “white paper”? Like a blank page? If you mean deleting something you’ve installed you can do that from Softacalous as well.


Just delete all the files in the htdocs folder and create a file named index.html, then it will be blank. Just remember to insert this bit of code (It will still be blank). I said delete all the files because you said you wanted to remove softalicious.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <!--This is a comment
        These cannot be seen unless:
            You use an inspector or look at the code.
        You don't have to copy these comments-->
        <!-- This comment tags (<!---->) <!-- can be single line or multi-line-->

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