How do i use GET requests using cURL?

How are you displaying the output without using echo ??

$favorites_number = file_get_contents("");
echo $favorites_number; ?>
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It’s still not working


It seems that Cloudflare blocks the requests. I have Strict ssl enabled and Bot fight mode enabled. What to do? When i use pastebin the request works.


Use option 1.

So i will have to put the code from favorites.php into index.php?

No. Read about how to use an include and then you will understand.

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Can you give me an example in my case because i tried doing that and it didn’t work.

Then you can just do as you said.

It works but is there a way to use it with the url?

Also how do i get content from a JSON file with multiple sections:

Here are some tutorials:


I know we have told you this before.

We are not going to just give you code, especially if you don’t understand the concept. If we do just hand you code, you won’t understand it, and it certainly will not help you in the long run.

The tutorials @wackyblackie shared are good ones, and will get you well on your way to understanding what you need to in order to successfully complete the task.


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