How do you remove permissions?

Hello, I have a question. When I go to my website, it allows me and shows me my home page, but when I go to a directory on the website (e.g it shows me a page that says “403 Forbidden” Please help!

Check your .htaccess file
If this code is in your .htaccess
Options -Indexes
Remove it

It’s not there, I will show my .htacess file:


What’s your website url and what directory do you want to access

Well here’s the thing, I have a Minecraft Plugin to track what players type in chat, and each message creates a new URL

But what’s the url (IMPORTANT)

Sorry I didn’t see that.

Sigh I might be late to the party a bit. But I’ll list reasons that why you see 403.

  1. Folder name contains ‘chat’ string. Chat scripts aren’t allowed and file or folder with that name will be inaccessible.
  2. Your folder has no index.html or index.php

I’m sorry, I’m new to all this stuff, but I do have a folder, and it has an index.php

And what does the “chat” string mean?

From what @anon19508339 mean from chat string is folder named as “chat”.

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I’m sorry, I’m very confused. Is it not breaking a rule?

Chat scrips are not allowed to be used on infinityfree servers.
And if any folder on infinityservers is named as “chat” then it won’t be accessible and it will generate 403 forbidden errror.
So, if it’s not chat directory that is not accessible then share the directory which is not accessible.

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Ohhh, I see.

String means some specif letters attached to each other like a string. like chat string in specialchat.html

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Just change the name into like springwow.html, just don’t use chat name.

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