How i can use node js

how i can use node js

Node.js is not available on free hosting, but I think premium hosting has it. If you want to host Node.js apps for free there are also other platforms, like or Glitch, even though the latter doesn’t allow to keep your Node apps active for free anymore unless you pay (that is critical for Discord bots), but Repl still allows to with external tools.


*Uptime Robot :sparkles:. Glitch is way limited.


There are lots of other stuff to host a node.js project but not here.

For example: (poggers)
Amazon Web Services (paid)
A2 Hosting (paid)
Google Cloud (paid)
Microsoft Azure (paid) (paid)
NodeChef (paid)
Kamatera (paid)
EvenNode (paid)
HostPresto (paid)
Fastcomet (paid)
Glitch (BayoDino said to use glitch which i don’t reccomend)
DigitalOcean (paid)


i host in glitch but the web site don’t response with the api btw the website is writing with react

You hosting a web project?

You get banned on glitch now for using a pinging service ;-;
You can do it with repl tho :slight_smile:

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