How long for SSL cert to propogate?

I used Cpanel to get a CSR, I put that into Comodo… and they emailed me a certificate.
I copied and pasted that into Cpanel…

Now I still cant download wordpress with https://
and cert checker sites still say the site is insecure.

Is this just owing to the fact that I havent waited long enough?
I have used two different browsers.


From this topic, but some things edited by me:

If you do not see a green lock, here are some things to check:

  • If you see a red warning page, your browser may not have checked the new certificate. Some browsers (notably Google Chrome) remember the certificates of websites for some time, so it may take a few hours for your browser to see the new certificate. If you have waited a few hours and still can’t see the website with HTTPS, clear your cookies and cache on the browser settings.
  • If you are redirected from the https:// page to http:// , your website is forcing people to the non-https version of your site. Most of the time, the script has a setting for the “website URL” or something like that. If you change the website URL to https://, you should be able to see the website over https.
  • If your website is using the https:// URL but the address bar is still white, it means that some of the stylesheets, scripts or images on the page are still using http:// URLs. You need to find those URLs and make sure they all use https as well.

thanks for the reply. I figured it out.
When I copied it from the email, it included spaces at the end of each line, after deleting the spaces, it now works.
I dont know why it uploaded succesfully before, but now it works.

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