How to create a free professional Email Account

How to make your own email

Hello! I'm making an updated "How to create your own free email account" Which was created by @Soundar. In that tutorial, he used the email service. However, they shut down the Free plan. For this tutorial, I am gonna use Yandex.
  1. Go to and create the account
  2. Click on the ‘Try-Out’ button
  3. Fill in the information needed.
  4. Go to (a g a i n)
  5. Go to and sign up for it
  6. Add an MX record. and 10 as priority.
  7. Webmaster tab and click add domain
  8. For Verification, use the DNS method and and set the TTL as 2mins
  9. click the check button. It now should say Confirmed and Ready to go.

WOOOOOOHOOOO! You added a domain to your Yandex account.

10. Click Admin tools. (specifically *Add an employee button*)
  1. FIll in just the First and Lastname and the and set the language and create the account.

You have now created a account.

if you want to use a mail client like Gmail Spark etc, you need to enable imap / pop access in your inbox.

Yandex.Mail set this up as a way to protect your account.
  1. Go to And login if you have to
  2. Click on the gear icon :gear:
  3. Click more settings
  4. Click Email clients in the left side Nav bar
  5. Enable portal password.

That’s it.
Do you guys want me to make a video instructing you on how to set this up if this post is a bit hard to understand


I prefer better over yandex…
My opinion

They no longer offer free.


What? I already have an account which is free


You cant create anymore accounts

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Well, that’s sad :frowning:


I prefer yandex over postale because it treats the email account as a separate yandex account (though you can manage it through the main account) and you get all the features of a new yandex account (10 GB storage, etc.).

The only con I can think of yandex is some of their help pages are still russian and has not been translated to english.

And again this is my opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (I always use that emoji)




Haha, Yandex is also preferable, on one day me and @HaydenANG were debating on this and we both found Yandex not privacy friendly.
And he switched to gSuite and I went to
And postale has temporarily made their plan paid,

And I am also looking for a alternative.

And @anon2458064 , A nice article!




I use improvmx that’s best

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together with gmail?


Well, yes, that suits for people who are lazy to manage multiple inboxes…
But I still want to look for an easy alternative


Lemme know when u found the alternative…

Yea, but as far as i know it is only a email forwarder. Yandex allows you to send mail,10gigs of storage and more!

No I have connected it with my gmail, I can easily send and receive mails right from my gmail just like gsuite

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Yes ofcourse

@KangJL @anon77371365 @anon2458064 @anon19508339 @ManuTheCoder

I send and receive emails right from my gmail account :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and with the features of Gmail.

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Good for you.