How to create free business email with ImprovMX

A full guide on how to create your free business email

1 Visit and enter your domain and in-use email

2 Now, Go to your website Cpanel and Search mx record and add this records

3 After that, search SPF and add this

  • v=spf1 ~all

4 Now, after you succesfully setup anything you can see a button named test click that to test your business email, if you succesfuly receive the email you can now use it everywhere.


nice guide :slight_smile:

I would reword this and say priority otherwise people might get confused.

This is good if you only want incoming emails, but not so good if you need outgoing emails, but its a nice short guide.


you can add a no-reply alias to your domain you can use it to send message using your custom domain

That’s not how ImprovMX works. It’s for mail forwarding, not sending. When you email it then forwards it to a different email address.


@TigerMANEK426 is right, ImprovMX just forwards emails. It’s only good if you want alias for an already existing email.

If you need an actual email account with your domain, use Yandex:

Or upgrade to premium for unlimited email accounts.

Hmmm…wonder if it is possible?

What do you mean?


Still mail forwarding :joy:

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you can send email using just follow their guide and your all setup