How to delete account + Forum?

could you please tell me the steps to delete my account
INCLUDING this forum as well ?
thanx x

Well First In Your CPanel You Have To Delete All Your The Domains/Email Accounts.
Then In Client Area Go To Edit Account And Delete Account.
And For Forum Account Just Sign Out.


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Corrections in that phrase: first you have to delete your email accounts (if there are any), then any CNAME record you added for that domain (if there are), and after those you have to delete the domains!

Other corrections: on “DELETE ACCOUNT” you have to click on “DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT”. The account then after 60 days or so will be deleted. Don’t request to deactivate the account earlier as they will all be ignored.


As for deleting your hosting accounts and client profile, the steps are described here:

Forum account deletion is not automated yet, but anonymizing forum profiles when the corresponding client profiles are deleted is still on the todo list. Until that’s done, you can send an email to to get your profile anonymized. If you do, please make sure that:

  • Your client area profile is already deleted.
  • You send your request from the email address you use on the forum (typically the same as the client area profile).
  • You clearly state that it’s a bout anonymizing a forum profile.
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