How to enable allow_url_fopen in free infinity free account

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ERROR: Please enable the allow_url_fopen setting to continue

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sir, I have just uploaded a script to hosting, and when I try to install it asks me to enable allow URL fopen in the setting. I have tried my best but I can’t find any solution. I have watched various videos and search them from google and bing but have not solved my isssue.
can you/ someone else pls help me in this regard?
I have also another issue when I upload a zip file it will not be shown. and when I upload a file and select upload and extract it. it will take infinite time even the file is just some kbs.

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fopen has been disabled for security reasons. You cannot enable it with Free Hosting, you could try using curl, but if you do not want to send yourself into a tizzy, you could upgrade to premium.

Read this sequence of articles:


It probably has to do with the 10MB file size limit.

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can you please send me your contact.
please download and watch screen video where no zip file is shown and extract

Your file was 12MB and there is a 10MB limit in the FTP. I recommend you download FileZilla ( and login through there, then upload your ZIP.

sir thanks for uploading the zip file I have successfully upload the zip file but can’t extract it.
can you please help me in extracting the file?

Just extract it on your computer, than upload it to the web server.

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As @Greenreader9 said:

allow_url_fopen is enabled on our hosting. The large zip file doesn’t work because of file size limits.

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