How to enable cloudflare?

I really don’t understand how to enable cloudflare.
Before I used openshift and I simply changed the nameservers from godaddy to cloudflare, I created a simple cname and a www cname and one alias in openshift and everything worked out easily.

I saw a cloudflare button in the cpanel but when I activate it I get this error: CLOUDFLARE ERROR : CloudFlare is already activated for “domainname” under a different account. If you want to enable CloudFlare through this partner, please log in to your CloudFlare account and choose “Disconnect” on your CloudFlare DNS Settings page.

To connect through Cloudflare do I still need to add the custom domain into vistapanel and where should I point the nameservers form godaddy?

Could you please describe the theps on how to connect the custom domain to the infinity free hosted website?

I would also like to benefit from cloudflare’s free SSL certificate :wink:

Many thanks and keep up the great job!!


I have a question for you, how long does it take to be able to access to your website? Because I have a problem, I can’t go to my own site.

I’m sorry if this question is not related to your topic.

The speeds are very good (a few seconds). I have no problem accesing my website.

I think it’s because of rf.dg domain, I decided to create a new account and it worked very well.

Hello @SpeedyPvP.

It seems like you resolved some of your issues already.

You probably were not able to access your domain due to a process called DNS Propagation which means that the existance of your new domain must be sent out to all the world. It takes different time periods for everyone till they can access a new domain or see a domain’s nameserver changes.

There are also known to be some problems with subdomains and CloudFlare. I can’t really remember what was the issue about, but I am sure that users have reported similiar problems with subdomains and CloudFlare.

Have a nice day.


Hi Mike.

Can you also help me with my issue? I don’t understand how to bind cloudflare to my website.



I’m still looking for an answer. I really like your hosting but I need to also have cloudflare enabled and I still don’t understand how to activate it.

Looking forward for an answer.

Big thanks,


Unfortunately, I can’t check from my end where that domain name is used right now. I think you’ll have to contact Cloudflare to get the domain released.