How to get SSL on custom domains (Guide)

How to get SSL on a custom domain

First of all, it is important to know what a custom domain is.
Here is an example:
Custom Domain:
Subdomain: or

Subdomains and added Domains get a self signed certificate which is invalid though. That‘s why you will need to add a SSL Certificate to make your site use https.

The best way to get a SSL Certificate :lock:

  1. Create a InfinityFree account
  2. When setting up the new account, select “Custom Domain” type in your Domain.

:warning: Make sure you point your Nameservers to,,, and

  1. Once your account is setup, login to the Control Panel. Scroll down until you find Cloudflare.
  2. Click on Cloudflare, then “Alter Cloudflare” and then “Activate”. This will activate Cloudflare on your account. You will get a E-Mail from Cloudflare with the credentials to login to the Cloudflare Dashboard (
  3. Once you login into the Cloudflare Dashboard, head over to the Tab “Crypto”.
  4. The first Tile you see will have an option for SSL Certificates. Make sure you select Full and not Flexible. Flexible may break things and may not work. Flexible also only encrypts you to the website and not the website to the server. The Full Option does both.

Important Before you go complaining it isn’t working, you may have to wait a while until the Certificate starts working. MX Records and Subdomains may not work with the Cloudflare integration.

IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE USING WORDPRESS: Before enabling “Always Use HTTPS”, make sure to change the URL from http to https from the http version of the wp-admin and save the changes.

Basically, you’re done now… but… One more thing:

You may want to force all your website traffic over https and not http. You can do this by editing the .htacces file. Though, since you’re using Cloudflare there is an easier option:

You should already by in the Crypto Tab, scroll down until you find “Always Use HTTPS”. Turn that option on done - remember it can take a while to actually work.

Thanks for reading this - hopefully it was helpful. If you have questions, ask below.
(It would be really nice if this forum had a tutorial category @Admin)
P.S If you find a Typo, please do let me know.


Note that the nameservers are,,, and, not just and! And with WordPress and some other scripts written on PHP you may also have, before enabling “Always Use HTTPS”, to change the URL from http to https from the http version of the admin panel and save the changes. And the Cloudflare cPanel integration is going to have some issues with MX records and subdomains.

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Let me change that :slightly_smiling_face:

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So how can we setup for Subdomains because mine isn’t working on my

You can get a Sectigo 30-day free trial of their certificate for that kind of subdomain.

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Just search it on google.

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thanx for the tutorial
if only it was that easy

You must use a custom domain. Example: You are using a SUBDOMAIN. This Guide will not work for subdomains. * is a subdomain.

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Example of a subdomain:
Example of a TLD (Top Level Domain):

So, you must use a TLD (Top Level Domain) to input as a custom domain. looks like it’s a TLD, but it’s a subdomain!

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but if i use my Custom domain | |
i get the Same result …

Your custom domain MUST NOT be a subdomain!

this makes NO Sense …


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That is a subdomain toooooooooooo… The part is a TLD (Custom Domain) if you add network1. to ( it becomes a subdomain.

Custom Domain would be:

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so are you saying that i have to enter
and nothing else ?

You would need to purchase from a domain registar.

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If you already registered a domain through a Domain Registrar you should enter the domain name you registered through it, but first you should point it to,,, and!

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thanx for your help guys
i didnt realize that i had to BUY the domain FIRST
BEFORE , i enter it as a custom domain
so so so difficult, to initiate a simple procedure .

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