How to install "Discuz!"?

My installation database is always wrong. How can I know what my database is

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Mainly do not know the database account password

The above figure shows that the database account password is wrong

How do you see that is the database account and password

Go to your account in and unhide the FTP/Account password. Then use that.


Thank you very much for success

How to install Discuz on shared web hosting

Download the installation package

Go to the Discuz official source to download the latest version of the Discuz installation.

Prepare the database

Login to cPanel, click “MySQL Database Wizard” feature, and follow the wizard prompts to create a database, a database user, and then grant all permissions.

Upload installation package

Uncompress the installation package downloaded in the first step and open the unpacked folder.

Go to the unpacked folder, select all the files and subfolders in it, and compress them into a zip file.

Upload the package to the root folder of the website, via FTP, or using the “File Manager” in the cPanel. (“public_html” is the name of root directory for the primary domain, while the root folders of other domains were specified when additional domains, or subdomains, were added in cPanel.)

After completion of upload, go to cPanel > “File Manager”, navigate to the corresponding directory, click on the zip file uploaded, then click on “Extract” button to extract the contents.

Start installation

Access the web site’s corresponding URL in your browser, and enter the installation interface of the Discuz program. Click on “I agree” button to agree to the program user agreement and begin installation.

This is followed by a hosting environmental inspection page. If the environment and directory permissions are all confirmed with the “ √ ” sign, then click on “Next” to continue.

In “Set the running environment” page, select “new installation Discuz”, then click on “Next step” to continue.

Enter database information and administration information on the new page. For database name, database username and database password, fill in the information previously configured when creating the database through the MySQL Database Wizard. For system information email, fill in your own email address.

The administrator information section below can be configured as desired. When all information is set up, click “Next”.

Then, Discuz installation will run automatically. After a while, the page will confirm the installation to be complete.

Discuz should now be installed successfully, and the forum can be accessed by typing the URL of the website in your browser.

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