How to launch the website?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:


Additional information:

Im 100% completely new to website building, and i’m completely running blind. I’ve got the HTML, CSS and image files of my website uploaded into the file manager, but I have no idea how to actually launch the website.

I made everything from scratch, and the beginners guide says something baout “your websites included installation/launch files”, which I have no idea what that means.

Can anyone help?

What’s launching site?

you can remove index2.html file to make your site visible to others.


To show your website (launch it), you first remove index2.html, then rename the file you want to show by default to index.(php/html/etc.). Then for indexing in search, get a account for google webmaster, and add your website URL. (All methods except DNS should work) Then use URL inspection tool and enter your website URL. If there are problems google will tell you what to fix. After fixing click ‘Request Indexing’ and wait.
After waiting, type in ‘site:your.domain’.
And you know how to combine HTML and CSS?


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