How To Make A wordpress Site Fast

i have an wordpress site
But its slow as my grandpa. please help me to make it fast as well as implement ad sense on it

I recommend you this tips:

  1. Minify html, php, css ans js
  2. Use gzip and lazy load
  3. Remove plugins and themes that dont help you
  4. Use small size themes for faster load
  5. (Optionally):
    Buy the premium plan of infinityfree a.k.a iFastNet Premium

I also recommend you using a cdn like cloudflare for optimization


The following performance tips might help for WordPress:

  1. Use WP Rocket (Speed Score to 80 instantly after activation of plugin).
  2. Remove unused plugins and themes. Refer to the site health screen to find more issues.
  3. Use lightweight themes like GeneratePress, Astra, OceanWP, Neve, Kadence etc.
  4. Use free CDN services like AWS Cloudfront (free tier), Statically (wp plugin).

You can also use Cloudflare with other CDN’s.

May cause suspension due to IO limits

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Why? Only for cache and file optimisation!

Caching tend to perform a lot of IO activities


So how do we cache basically, to speed up speed, huh?

Best solution? Simple! Do a website in HTML from 0 and upload here on infinity free (if you want better performance, buy premium plan at ifastnet)

Depends on your caching frequency. If set too high → IO limit → suspension


I used caching plugin but it makes site more time to load
Before chache plugin site load time was 11 sec
After it was 29 -49 sec

@ApurvaSingh1234, can you try using a CDN? Here is a guide for using AWS CloudFront (free-tier) with WordPress:

Alternatively you can use the CDN Plugin: Statically – WordPress plugin |

What’s slow about it? Can you share the URL so we can have a look?

Just sign up to AdSense and add the AdSense code with a plugin or by editing the theme source files.

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