{how to} Need a free custom email account? Here is a guide

I have seen many people who need custom email accounts like admin@iloveinfinityfree.com or info@iloveinfinityfree.com.
You might go for Yandex or Zoho
Disadvantages of Zoho and Yandex>
1.You can’t use Zoho for free domains(aka freenom domains)
2.Some people feel like Yandex is spying on us.(Who knows :thinking:?)
3.You need to understand things well for the setup

I researched on this topic and found a Company which works well with infinityfree and other domains.I am also using their service.(Do a MX lookup on soundarahari.eu.org and find it yourself).
The setup procedure is very simple and they never ask for your private info.(aka credit card details,address,phone number).
Moreover it is Free :star_struck:
In postale.io you get,

  1. 2 Mailboxes with 1 gb storage each
  2. Catchall account
  3. 3 aliases

Now how do I setup it?
In this guide we are gonna use this domain > digi-is-not-typing.rf.gd (a free domain by Infinityfree,you can also use freenom domains)

Go to https://postale.io and fill in the details and click on create domain email.

After you have done that you should see a page like this,

Now comes the easy part.(Yes,trust me it is very easy)
Now login into https://cpanel.epizy.com and scroll down to email section and click on MX Entry.

Create a MX Record like
MX Record>mail.postale.io
After that is done,create a spf record in SPF records under Email Section

The record should look like this.
SPF Record>v=spf1 mx ~all
The DKim records can be skipped
Click on Check MX record and wait for DNS propagation…
(Pro Tip= Use https://whatsmydns.net to check the propagation)
Once DNS propagation is complete click on “Check my MX Record and verify it”

Access the Webmail with the provided password!
Now we have completed the setup,it may take a few hours for the spf record propagation and more stuff.

So try to send an email,If it doesn’t work reply in this thread and I will take a look.

You can create more email accounts or administer the accounts @ https://postale.io/admin
Password for Webmail and Admin are same.

Thanks for reading



It would be more good if Admin could create a how-to or tutorials category,so that we can post some tutorials


Do i set the MX records up through Cloudflare, or the cPanel

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If you’re using Cloudflare nameservers, you need to manage the MX, SPF, DKIM and DMARC records on their DNS management panel. The instructions @Soundar posted are for our nameservers and our Control Panel.


Thanks so much @Soundar (sorry lol)


Not that cat again

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We made a subdomain registry based on that cat :joy:


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Back to topic, @Soundar is this mail hosting provider trustworthy? After using it for some time, do you think it is reliable?

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It is very reliable and trustworthy, It is a France based company


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you can se here https://dash.cloudflare.com/<user_id>/<website_name>/dns

I think i’ll setup postale and give my opinion too


Ouch…I guess I’m the only one this is certainly not working for. It says and keeps saying “forbidden Personal email address”, I don’t know what to do

Can you try in a desktop or a laptop?
If it doesn’t work try through a vpn?

Very gd! Thx @Soundar!!!

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