How to open a file uploaded with winscpt

I have uploaded 5 files with WinSCP into a folder /htdocs/stats

I need to create a link in a web page to open a file named volwassklets.html to then open the pages in the browser

something like: http://???/htdocs/stats/volwasseklets.html

Main Domain is a Subdomain and in there I see the files
What should replace the ??? I tried various options not working

It’s https://yourdomain.tld

Your main domain will never work, as it is for troubleshooting purposes.

To find your domain, login to the client area and find the action titled “domains”. Whatever domain is listed, that is where your files are at. If you uploaded to a folder called “stats”, than it will be at HTTP://yourdomain.tld/stats



adding /htdocs after your site URL won’t work because it is the directory from where your site is being served.

Main domain is basically for API calls.

If this is your domain then this will work but it’s giving me 404 error. Seems like file is not uploaded in htdocs/stats folder yet.


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