How To Run This?

I want to know how to implement this into my site. I know that I can’t upload due to the TOS, but I’m looking to host it somewhere else and then bring it in. I want to do this to learn how to implement github code to my website but the instructions are unclear. How do I make it apppear on my website like a regular widget on the corner of my screen? I have another option if the top doesn’t have any option for a live chat feature.

This one is with CometChat, but that is a paid software. Is there any subsitute (FREE) and how do I upload this one. (THE FREECODECAMP OPTION IS PREFERRED).

It looks like that app requires nodejs, which sadly isn’t hosted on this website.

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No, I was planning to use a different host bc you can’t use live chat in the tos. If I hade nodejs then how do I install?

How do I install the second website mentioned (FreeCodeCamp) without cometchat for free and I had all the other requirements.

Well, the repository has its documentations for installing.

Yes, I know. I’m looking for a free substitute for cometchat. Cometchat is not free

Did you look back at that other thread you made? We put a lot of ideas there.

I meant what you’ve linked to:

That was different. That was live chat already made by a company while this is livechat made and hosted by me

CometChat has a free option and I can use the second link I wrote.

That react-chat-widget is just that: it’s a widget for React. React is a Javascript framework (that runs in the browser - so it can be used here) and this project just has the visual frontend stuff. It doesn’t come with an actual chat system, it doesn’t seem to have much client side message handling or a server side message exchange.

So to answer your question: you don’t. It’s a library, you can’t “run” it. You can only embed it in another application.


Aw shoot… Well i guess I would have messed it up either way