How to set reverse proxy config in .htaccess

I want to do some thing like this - can you help to achieve

ProxyPass “/api/" “
ProxyPassReverse "/api/
” “

Thanks in advance

Please note this is free hosting, not API hosting. Proxies are also against the ToS.

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I know - I’m not looking to host my api here. My api is running in different hosting just need to reverse proxy to that hosting.

basically when i make ajax call to /xyz it should reverse proxy to and return the data

You still cannot make a proxy. As it says in the ToS:

You agree to not use the Service to

upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any material that is of keylogging / proxy service / irc / shell(s) if any type / file hosting / file sharing types.


The proxy module is disabled in our webserver, or we just disabled the relevant .haccess commands.

We don’t allow any kind of proxy hosting, so there is no (legitimate) need to have that feature enabled.

Why do you need to use the proxy module to access the API? Can’t you just access the API directly from whatever code that needs to access it?

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