How to transfer a domain name


I have only added two nameservers, will it work?


Yes, it will work.


I am assuming that you guys are using cpanel and I guess that I can create two accounts for two of my sites and both should be using cpanel?


The title bar has the cPanel favicon and has “cPanel” as name and “cpanel.hostingprovidersurl” as URL for the Panel, but it has a customized icon ( Panel has a VistaPanel logo) and misses some features that are on the real cPanel. That is called a VistaPanel, and is designed by iFastNet for free hosting providers.


Is it easy to restore backup file? On MSA Hosting, there is no option called restore backup file… and most of the other sites lack forum or good customer service…


You need to upload the backup in the htdocs if you have it, and if it has a sql file then import it on the phpMyAdmin on this hosting and change the configuration file to include the new SQL host, username, password and database name.


I thought that there should be a restore backup option but I guess that is more commonly found in the actual cpanel?


Remember that VistaPanel lacks many features that cPanel has, and to restrict the costs of free hosting, they used it.


Thanks for your kind assistance! I just hope that can pick up my domain soon…


I just forgot to ask that when adding a domain name, should I add the domain beginning with www? or just etc?


Just when adding a domain into the account.


The good news is that I can add my domain! But I still can’t see my site but I am uploading all files into my htdocs folder and I hope that I am doing this correctly. Then, I would need to import my sql file correct?


I also can’t find the section where we can post our php codes? What is it called again?


This is weird and I thought that I don’t have that many files uploaded but I received this email:


Your InfinityFree account epiz_24034628 (Website for has been suspended .

Your account was taken down because you have exceeded the usage limits for free hosting or because of abuse.


I was just uploading all the files to my htdocs and trying to get my site to work when this happened


I got my account reactivated and I guess I just have to wait for a few days before I can see my site…


I would also like to know why are there two htdocs? I was told to use the one with domain/htdocs?


@piano0011, the section where you can post your PHP codes is called “Development Support”, and there are two htdocs; one with the domain you added on Addon Domains and the other created automatically after the registration. You must upload the files on yourdomain/htdocs to see the website to



How long will it take in order to see my website live because it said something about :slight_smile:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.




For me it works; for you it takes maximum 72 hours to the site to be visible.