How to transfer file to infinityfree using Filezilla android app?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Filezilla ver 1.4
Additional information:
I want to transfer files from my tablet using filezilla ver 1.4 app in android to infinityfree website.

Instructions in this web site don’t have the same interface as provided in the filezilla app

I just want to ftp some files to my infinityfree website to see if it works

You will need to connect your FTP app to your website. You will find all required information in the Member Area.

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I’m not sure which FileZilla Android app you’re using (I can’t find any on the Play store), and the one I did find on a third party app store doesn’t seem to have anything in common with FileZilla Desktop or Server. So this looks more like another developer infringing on FileZilla’s brand than an official port.

So for the safety of your phone and your website, I would suggest avoid searching for FileZilla for Android specifically (it does not exist) and use another, more well supported FTP client instead. AndFTP seems to be quite well supported, although I’ve never used it myself.

It doesn’t really matter which FTP client you use. We write instructions for FileZilla because it’s the most popular (and most people manage their website from a desktop OS, not a mobile OS), but any FTP client should work with our hosting.

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Thanks, I have downloaded AndFTP, and successfully downloaded some files to htdocs folder.

Can I know what is the filename for the html I should use
In order that anyone whom access to Raymond will open that HTML webpage ?

index.html or index.php will be the file name of the index page, in order to let people who visit be greeted with the custom index page.


Thank you Rrgastolator1 for your reply.

I tried rename my starting HTML to index.HTML at htdocs directory,

However access to Raymond gauge still result in displaying standard greeting page,

I also tried to create this index file at / root directory, however not allow to do so.


Sorry I don’t know how to edit my reply on some typo error,
So I reply to my previous message to edit.

I mean access to still bring me to default home page designs by infinity free even though I have rename my starting HTML web page to “index.HTML”

I would like to also remember you that the name of the index file is case-sensitive. If you renamed it in index.HTML instead of index.html, create a file named .htaccess with the following content:

DirectoryIndex index.HTML

so that index.HTML would become the index file.

Hi Ergastolator1,

I double check that in htdocs directory,
I have created a index.html file.
This html is working if it is browsed from my computer or HP hard disk.

However, when I access ,
I always get this image as

“Let’s make something awesome , your account is all set up,…”

I wonder why?


Because of index2.html. Remove this file then clear your cache.

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Thank you very much BayoDino, now it works after clearing cache and removing index2.html .

While testing the workability of the web pages I have uploaded,

I encountered a problem when playing the video (mp4)and also the mp3 , they won’t play, the audio is not responding to play button,
While the video struggled to load for a few seconds and then halt.

I play the same video and audio from the web pages loaded from my HP sdcard , there is no issue, quite stable in playing.

The link that has problem playing video and audio is as follow :slight_smile:

Can you help with this issue ?


Because of site rules. Hosting videos aren’t allowed here. You can link it from other video hosts like YouTube.

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Does that apply to playing audio mp3 voice too?

These are streameing files, These kind of files aren’t allowed on this host:

  1. Host your mp3 file on a file sharing host and link it back to your site.
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Thank you very much, will do that.

There are many ftp apps out there for Mobile phones. Read this: How to use FTP on mobile phones

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