How to use cloudflare


The targget should contain your main domain, not this domain. Check cpanel right side panel and it shd show you the main domakn


This. The “main domain” we’re talking about here is the main domain of the hosting account. That’s an internal identifier for your hosting account and it should look like “” or another random 8 character subdomain.


How do you change your nameserver?

If you are using InfinityFree domains(, you cant change nameservers, but if you are using custom domain you can change NS at your domain registrar


so how do I transfer domains? as in change domain name?

I think I can use a freenom domain as an addon domain

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haxs 100. I just solved my own problem. but a whole tutorial must be made how to redirect to new addon domain, I’m not a programmer/coder e.e

It’s done, apparently

I have a test site to learn how to install cloudflare. okay what do I do next?

can I leave as is?



Let’s not off-topic :confused:

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I forgot this, but ANY DNS records need to be added through Cloudflare, not vPanel

Under what circumstances would I want/need to add any DNS records? (Sorry, very new to this stuff.)

Is there any way to edit a post once I post it? Or do I just have to delete it and post it again with the changes?

Yeah, click the little pencil icon.

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I could ez make a better tutorial, like on JS or smthing >:)

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I only see a little pencil icon after I delete the post. Is this maybe a probationary thing? (because I’m a new user?)

Could be.

It’s under your post, btw.

Click the little pencil icon next to the three dots which is next to the “reply” button (if you have it. If not, then IDK if you can do it - but you should be able to :confused: ).


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Just curious, but why don’t we want it proxied? Isn’t that safer and more secure? (And one of the main reasons for using CF?)