HTML Web Pages Loading Incorrectly

Hmm usually if this happens to me with Mobirise I would retry on publishing/exporting the site files and uploading them back again. Have you already tried that?

I have inspected your code with Firefox’s web developer tools but I couldn’t see a line of code that links to an image. That might be the problem as to why there is no background image showing up.

Upon checking Mobirise again, I have discovered that it has a video background. I have uploaded a screen recording Here. This is the link to the video background.

Yeah, But i’m using a caching proxy so that could always be the error.

Looks like it is bigger than 10MB, since we don’t allow videos to be hosted.

This is weird

The video is not hosted. It is supposed to play a video off of YT.

In inspect element. I can’t see iframe tag or embed tag or video tag
example :
<iframe src="" >
That’s why the background isn’t showing the video playback

Hmmm. Ill try to add that to the code and see if that works. Where in the file would I add it?

No no no,
Use mobirise to embed it!

Where is the option in Mobirise to embed it?

This is weird!
Actually the video already embed-ed

Yeah, I’m not sure.

Try to click “publish” to save the changes

I Have done so. Many times. I have also attempted to re-save and re-upload it

I do not want a color Overlay. I have also just published changes and reloaded the pages and the code is still not in place.

During the video, I didn’t see that aboutus was exported, and i played back in 0.25 speed

hmmm it should have saved…?

Same this happened with me too

Were you able to fix it?