Http error 500 . website is doesn't work

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information: help me

Can you enable Display Errors on PHP Alter Config, so you can get the errors of the software?

Errors don’t view.

If you’re in WordPress change this:
define('WP_DEBUG', false);
to this:
define('WP_DEBUG', true);
in your wp-config.php file using the Online File Manager that you can find on the Control Panel.

No, I don’t use the wordpress. I uploaded the wowonder script to my website with ftp.

I have checked on the WoWonder documentation, and the problem may be the Apache, because the server has installed nginx and Apache, and if it has only support for nginx, it can’t be used.
Use another software if you want to create your social network, or if you have a nulled software, please remove it immediately.

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