Http error 500

getting error 500 how to remove it??

Could you solve this problem? Can you help me?

Did you read the article I posted already? There is the solution.

@hrtj123 You could remove the error 500 by setting a custom error page for the HTTP 500 code. You can use the Error Pages tool in the control panel for that or set custom .htaccess rules.

If you want to actually see your website instead of the error 500, you’ll need to fix whatever is causing this error. And most of the time, this error is caused by code which has crashed.

Could we solve this problem? We can help you with this, but it would help a lot if you could find more information about what’s causing the 500 error. And the article @Ergastolator1 linked to should help you to find out.

Also, to prevent discussing two completely unrelated PHP errors in the same topic:

@kmizama, since you did not create this topic, can you please wait for @hrtj123 to post their error message? If you read this before any additional error message was shared, or if the shared error message doesn’t closely resemble the error message you got, please create a new topic instead.


Had tried to use the Error Pages tool as advised.
But i don’t have that HTTP Error Code 500 listed in the Error pages currenly defined for :.
even after updating it .
Your further agvice please, Thanks.

You want to have custom error page or a thing like:

fatal-error: a thing on afile.php line 1
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I’m sorry, 500 is a common status code, so I had expected the menu to include it. But that doesn’t appear to be the case.

If you want, you can still change the error page using .htaccess rules. Just search the web, there are many guides available online which explain this.

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You can put it on your .htaccess file:

ErrorDocument 500
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My friend at the phpBB Community support Forum advised me to ask for an server error log
is this possibe ? with this server error log, maybe i can seek for their helps.
i am very ignorant on this php thing…

server error log? it’s only available on premium hosting (in my knowledge)


It’s good that you’re checking other places for information, but did you try to follow our instructions on how to fix a HTTP ERROR 500 already? Unlike most of the stuff online, our articles are actually tested and verified to work with our service.

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Dear Admin …

Look around searching for an answer … in vain …
still can’t fix the HTTP Error 500 problem …
any advice please …

Had accessed the error pages page. as per jpg above.
There is no HTTP Error Code 500 .

The page with the Error is :

you should enable display errors from alter php config

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I don’t understand.
How do i do that ?

By following the instructions from the knowledge base article dedicated to this specific error code? You know, the article Ergastolator1 linked to in the very first reply to this topic?

It’s OK if you respond to a topic and you have the exact same issue. But then do please read and try the provided solutions.

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