I can't access my website - there is a critical error

Hello and help!

Username: epiz_28602950

I can no longer access my website: www.londonschoolofwellbeing.com

The error message reads:

There has been a critical error on this website.
Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.

A friend says I must contact my web hosting provider to see if they can revert to a backup of the site and then when this is done we can then update all the plugins on the site.

Please can you revert my website to a backup of the site and let me know when this is done. We will then update the plugins.

Please could you reply as soon as possible.

Thank you

Best wishes


This is free hosting. You should help yourself

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@VictoriaLSMW, Welcome to the forums!

As this is a free hosting, none of us have access to your website or backups. However, can you give a screenshot of the log to find the issue? Also, this guide might help your issue:


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